DCU Sports: Judo

Judo is about throwing people that are bigger than you through the air. Why hit them with your fists, when you can hit them with planet Earth?

Beginners will start by learning 'breakfalls'. This is a unique system of falling, that allows us to practice being thrown without getting hurt. Once that's sorted, you'll be straight into throwing your friends over your shoulder - no messing around punching and kicking the air. The floor is padded for our pleasure..

Our average session goes something like this:

Warmup: Running, jumping, rolling, stretching and breakfalling

Fitness: Combination aerobic and anaerobic excercises to build fitness and strength.

Uchi-komi: Practicing techniques (without throwing)

Nage Komi: Practicing throws onto crash mats

Randori: Open sparring, for practicing techniques against a resisting opponent.

This changes depending on the mood of our coaches, as they often come up with new games & excercises to try out! They put a lot of effort into ensuring that Judo is one of the funnest and best DCU sports clubs. If we have specific plans for a training session we'll let you know here: Facebook.com/DCUJudo

Contact us:

For any queries relating to the DCU Judo Club please email dcudojo@gmail.com

"Grab me some lubricint, some cheerleaders, and meet me at the cemetary..."

- Kenan or Kel, famous Judo practicioners.