Summer 09

Auf Wiedersehen Jojo!

Jojo Wagner was awarded a shiny trophey for his work as Judo Club Treasurer. His three year service entitled him to a full pension under the Treasurer's Treasure Act of 1962, however, Jojo turned down the pension, claiming that the budget would not be able to support his Rock N'Roll lifestyle. Much to the dismay of our new treasurer, Susan Phelan, Jojo, in his final act as treasurer, removed the pension cover for elderly committee members.

We would like to thank Jojo for his dedication to the club throughout the years. Nobody has ever carried out the job with such enthusiasm and bruatal efficiency in the collecting of mat fees. We wish ourselves luck as Susan Phelan takes up the post in September. In a press release to the Sunday Inependant last May she advised that incoming Freshers "can expect to pay through the nose for their membership"

The financial turnover for the club is projected to increase by 214% in 2010, while club membership is expected to drop by a minimum of 80%.

Devin Anderson

AGM held 15/05/09

DCU Conquers Dun Aengusa

Off one feckin' island and onto another..

This June bank holiday weekend an unlikely band of travellers from the DCU Judo Club formed an alliance with those of NUI Galway in a bid to take back the fort of Dun Aengusa.

Overlooking the small, yet strategically vital, island of Inis Mor and contructed on the edge of a cliff facing out into the Atlantic, Dun Aengusa has long been considered an impenetrable fortress. The Romans couldn't take it with ten thousand men. We did did it with ten.

After a quick stop off in Galway on Friday night we set sail for Aran. Tired and cranky from their nights' unrest, the boys opted to leave the tent-pitching to Susan. She quickly became frustrated and a compromise was reached to head to the pub.

The island was relatively empty with all the tourists crowding Galway City for the weekend. This would prove to make our assault on the castle of Dun Aengusa that much easier.

The journey to the summit was long, and as our donkeys grew tired we were forced to slay and eat them. We decided to rent bikes to conserve our energy for the battle that loomed ahead. We had heard rumor that a dragon protected the keep

When we arrived at base camp we were met by royal courtiers who demanded payment of one silver piece each to gain access to the castle. With money to spare we handed over the one-euro coin. The diplomacy would cost us little, and in turn they would give us their lives.

As we made our assault we were not deterred for a second by the lack of any kind of opposition. We penetrated the outer walls with ease, and thrust ourselves into the heart of the fortress. The dragon of Dun Aengus was floored by a smooth Osoto Gari at the hands of our resident black-belt Cormac, and held for Ippon with a textbook Yoko-Dragon Gatame by Captain Anthony.

Victory in hand, we planted our blood-stained flag in the dragon's corpse and took a celebratory photo, seen above. (dragon not shown).

It was a great weekend enjoyed by everyone involved. We are hoping for a larger turnout on next year's trip. Unfortunately, this year, half our company was wiped out by a mysterious plague of glandular fever before we even left Dublin.

Devin Anderson